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Saturday, June 22, 2024


  • Manipulating Data,Creating and Managing tables,Including Constraints.
  • Displaying data from multiple tables (Joins).
  • Other Database Objects i.e. Sequences, Indexes,synonyms.
  • Controlling user access i.e. Privileges,Datetime functions,Grants etc.Unions.
  • Declaring Variables and Writing Executable Statements ,Interacting with Oracle Server i.e. Using SQL statements in PL SQL.
  • Writing Control Structures (If statements, loops etc) ,Records,Cursors,Advance Cursors concept.
  • Handling Exceptions,Database Triggers,Oracle Supplied packages.
Oracle D2K : Forms & Reports
  • Introduction of ERP,Form Designing techniques,Application Level Triggers, Functions, Procedures.
  • Writing Control Structures (If statements, loops etc) ,Records,Cursors,Advance Cursors concept.
  • Calling one Form to another form,Creating application packages.
  • Record Groups,Menu Creation,Attaching Menu with the Form,Object Group.

One thing that separates our training from our competitors is the real project exposure under the guidance of experienced developers. Our focus is not merely giving certification but transform you as a complete developer.

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