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Saturday, June 22, 2024

C++ Programming

This Professional C++ Training takes you from the very beginning to an advanced level of C++ programming. You will experience a steady pace of learning and cover all the main C++ features in a very natural, progressive and effective way. We simply decided not to produce "yet another C++ course". This C++ Training is the compilation of years of practicing and teaching C++. At the end you will be "fluent" with the language and ready to build real-life applications in C++. The problem with common C++ training classes is that they focus a lot on the language syntax but not enough on how to use it. In this course you will go beyond the syntax and learn how to take full advantage of the object paradigm - the single reason why C++ was created. You will see how concepts, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and C++ code come together and in way that is both intuitive and rigorous. This is how you can build the most effective, flexible and robust C++ code.


    This C++ course is designed so that you can master the language to a professional level.
  • Become familiar with the syntax, semantic and all the main features of C++
  • Control Sturctures
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Classes, Constructors, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Pointers
  • Virtual Functions, Classes
  • Files and Graphics
  • Interrupt Handling

One thing that separates our training from our competitors is the real project exposure under the guidance of experienced developers. Our focus is not merely giving certification but transform you as a complete developer.

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